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1st Mar 2015

Grant Associates features in new Reflections: Gardens book

A new book on Gardens is to be published by Roads Publishing this month, with the foreword written by Andrew Grant, founder of Grant Associates.

“Reflections: Gardens” will feature 44 of the most stunning gardens in the world, including Gardens by the Bay, which was masterplanned by Grant Associates.

In his foreword, Andrew Grant talks about the unique challenges and delights of designing Gardens by the Bay, and the crucial importance of collaboration in making the project such a success.  He reflects that successful gardens are not simply about beauty, but also their potential to evoke wonder and create unknown experiences.

Here is a short extract from Andrew Grant’s foreword:

“Gardens are an incomparable expression of human creativity and ingenuity.  How many gardens must there be in the world? Millions perhaps, each individual and specific to the geography, culture, economy and biodiversity present at each corner of the planet. They also reflect the personal thoughts and imaginings of each individual gardener whether they are inspired by colour, hunger, conservation or comfort.

“Our fascination with gardens has been well tracked through history so we are very familiar with the trends and fashions for garden style that reflect each age. So how will gardens of the 21st Century be remembered? What are the themes and issues that drive current garden creativity and what are the constants that have evolved through time? What inspires us to garden?”

For more information on Reflections: Gardens, visit Road Publishing.