Ibrahim Diaz 01

Ibrahim Diaz Vera

Senior Associate

Ibrahim is an Architect whose professional career has focused on the public space and the interaction between architecture, landscape, urbanism and art for over a decade. He prefers to be considered just a ‘designer’, he believes in the power of design as a transformative tool for people’s perceptions and feelings. His work ranges from large scale projects to smaller interventions, both driven by the same aspiration: the willingness to embrace a creative and bold approach, not shying away from the ‘pop’ components present in design. Ibrahim’s design approach is deeply influenced by his life experiences; the volcanic and dramatic landscapes of Tenerife where he was born; the European cities in which he has lived: Madrid, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London and Bath; his passion for Asia and Hong Kong where he has also lived for a considerable amount of time.

All of these experiences have created a kaleidoscopic design vision, enabling him to understand complex urban systems and human scale viewpoints. He has been responsible for large scale master plans such as Town Square Dubai at Martha Schwartz Partners and recently Distrito Castellana Norte in Madrid.

He loves to immerse himself in different cultural environments, creating meaningful and cutting-edge proposals sensitive to the local context. Outside of daily life he enjoys escaping to Southeast Asia where he can enjoy two of his favourite natural experiences: rainforests and diving in coral reefs.