Joanna Yan 01

Joanna J. Yan

Senior Landscape Architect

Joanna is always fascinated with the concept of ‘Nature and Art’. She believes that landscape is a powerful medium and a magic platform to merge these two components. Since joining Grant Associates in 2015 she has followed this strong belief, she has worked on a wide range of projects across the world: from large scale commercial complex in Malaysia to historical & natural conservation in Myanmar and Madagascar, from master planning for HS2 Euston Station to award-winning temporary landscape Forest of Imagination.

Joanna has previously worked closely with world-leading planting expert Professor Nigel Dunnett on various planting design lead projects. She is interested in using planting as an art form, seeking design aspirations with intuitive sense of seasonality, natural textile and colours. She is also interested in an ecological and sustainable approach to improving environmental quality and wildlife habitat.