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Friendship Park

Tianjin, China

The vision for Friendship Park is to welcome visitors of all ages, celebrating the friendship between China andSingapore, and to embody principles of sustainability.

It’s part of the Tianjin Eco-City on the Gu Dao Canal and recognises the vital role of public parks allowing people to enjoy a rich variety of experiences in nature.

The masterplan aims to translate these ideas onto site by interlocking contrasting landscapes and characters - like water and land, nature and city, sheltered and exposed - while a continuous landform maintains the overall design coherence.

TFG 459 N11

Our vision is to create a sustainable, playful and life enhancing landscape alongside inspiring architecture and landscape features. This includes a Conservatory of five glass biomes, a wetland centre, an urban dock area with F&B facilities, play areas nestled in a hill, an event lawn with amphitheatre, secret gardens and natural areas of respite.

The design of the new landscape has been carefully crafted out of an understanding of the inhospitable nature of the current site and the aspiration for an appropriate micro-climate. Friendship Park will exemplify the vital role of public parks in providing space for people to enjoy a rich variety of experiences with nature.

TFG 459 N5
SILA Gold Award for Masterplanning
IFLA Analysis and Masterplanning
Award of Excellence
Project Info
Site Area
42 Hectares
Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Construction Bureau, Tianjin Eco-City Municipal Engi. & LA Company
Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Atelier One, Atelier Ten