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National Automotive Innovation Centre

University of Warwick, UK

The NAIC will bring together academics, engineers and designers to develop the technologies and products of the future motor industry. It will be a place for researchers, engineers and designers to come together across disciplines and continents to devise new technologies and products.

NCC 390 N10 Photography by Hufton+Crow

The design aspires to support the NAIC’s innovation and research by creating a legible landscape that refreshes the mind. Simple walking routes are defined by planted water channels, raised lawns and woodland edges that will increase peoples contact with nature.

The landscape design integrates the proposals into the existing campus by extending and expanding existing access routes and key views, providing the academic community with new amenities.

NCC 390 N28 Photography by Hufton+Crow
NCC 390 N14 Photography by Hufton+Crow
NCC 390 N12 Photography by Hufton+Crow
Project Info
Warwick University
Jaguar Land-Rover, Warwick Manufacturing Group, Tata Motors
Cullinan Studio Architects
Quantity Surveyors:
Ryder Levitt Bucknal