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1st Dec 2014

Grant Associates wins at Landscape Institute Awards

Grant Associates saw its masterplan of Church Street and Paddington Green win at the 2014 Landscape Institute awards in the Neighbourhood Planning Category.

Grant Associates’ bold Infrastructure and Public Realm Plan will see Church Street and Paddington Green set new standards in the UK as a retro-fitted climate change adapted neighbourhood. Key climate issues such as clean air, drainage, flood and drought have all been addressed in the plan. The final design will feature a rich mix of open spaces for play and nature, comfort and health, arts and culture, economy and infrastructure to create one of London’s most ‘liveable neighbourhood’.

Peter Chimel, director, Grant Associates said: “We’re delighted that Paddington Green Church Street has won a Landscape Institute Award. We are aiming to create London’s most liveable neighbourhood with an exemplar climate change adapted neighbourhood design that includes open spaces for play, nature and the economy. To see these new standards recognised in the top UK awards for our industry is great news.”

The Landscape Institute Awards took place on Thursday 27 November 2014 in London.