Vincenzo De Martino 01

Vincenzo De Martino

BA (Hons) MLA (Hons)
Landscape Architect

Vincenzo holds a bachelor degree in Urban Planning and a Master’s in Planning and Policies for the city, Environment and Landscape with First Class honours from the University of Sassari in Italy. During his studies, he received a special acknowledgment from the university as a meritorious student for three consequent years. He also gained Erasmus and Ulises scholarships and participated in several student mobility and work programs in Italy (Venice), Portugal (Lisbon), Scotland (Edinburgh), and Thailand (Bangkok).

His project experience has ranged from master plans to small garden designs and his approach to design methodology is to look first at natural processes. He develops intricate spaces that afford discovery within the context of big-picture concepts. He gained working experience in several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, and strongly believes in the importance of learning from other cultures.